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Knikerboker was born in 2004, after many years of experience in the field of fashion, whose principal aim was the

research for elegance and refinement typical of Made in Italy. It is from the union between these two universes, fashion and lighting, that

Knikerboker borns, whose distinctive concept is represented by the emphasis that the

company puts on the projects of its collections, made not only of lamps but also of unique lighting sculptures, blending different

spheres of creativity: art, fashion and design. Reflection and refraction create atmospheres of suggestion, characterized by a

physical and intrinsic elegance, where shadows, glares and flares offer solutions suitable to any kind of furnishing needs.

All the products are totally hand-made, every piece is unique, a stand-alone handiwork. Handicraft is the distinctive concept.

Products on a large scale preserve their own uniqueness which distinguishes them, being similar but not equal.

Every lamp structure is made and refined by hand, through works of weaving or typing depending on the materials, so that it

doesn’t exist a lamp completely identical to another. For this reason, one of the main characteristics of the company is

the ability to create lamps based on the needs that are required, having not only the collections in the catalog but also producing

special lamps on request.



29 June 2020


Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Estonia, Latvia-Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine