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Creating objects that live

Defining one’s living space is a genuine act of creativity.

It means understanding one’s desires and necessities, and finding away of fulfilling them through the careful selection and arrangement of furniture.

It’s about the quest for objects that reflect our emotions, tastes, passions and ideas – ourselves.

It’s communicating where we are from and where we are going, who we are and who we want to become, not with words but through

materials, shapes, colors and function.

Our spaces come to life.

Francis Bacon said “Houses are built to live in, and not to look on” and we at Sculptures Jeux

have made this concept our own.

The desire to play with form has molded our philosophy, giving rise to a style of design that is functional, and imbued with movement,

color and transformability.

Our values – Made in Italy quality, the utmost attention to detail, and constant cutting edge development – are an integral part of our creations,

which are in turn versatile tools that not only seamlessly fuse with their environment, but also become a part of our very lives.




12 April 2021


Belarus, Estonia, Latvia-Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine