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With a ten-year history that has its roots in the most authentic Venetian glassmaking tradition,

SYLCOM interprets the present and projects itself into the future with an international language
which through light describes its values of experience, innovation and propensity for beauty.
Light intended as energy that illuminates any type of environment, a creative impulse that generates

chandeliers of high artistic value, a living entity that reinforces the quality of glass, illuminating its colors,

set shapes and set to look through. In SYLCOM, high craftsmanship meets design, tradition meets technology,

becoming part of that primordial act that foresees the miracle of glass intended as an alchemical assembly of natural elements.

Fire, sand, pigments, water thanks to human intervention, are transformed into malleable material to evolve into bold shapes,

harmonious geometries that the profiles of the Venetian lagoon echo. The rules of glass processing handed down to date are

equipped with LED technology using authenticity and efficiency in the chandeliers, both in the re-proposal of the classics and in the
proposals from contemporary designers.



29 June 2020


Belarus, Russia, Ukraine