Founded by Gino Luigi Cangini, who learns from a very young age various techniques of glass processing. The predominant artistic talent inspires him to an ancient art that consists in the processing of a precious glass (borosilicate) blown and shaped by hand.


The values that are transmitted every day in the production of products are pure quality craftsmanship: the attention to details, combined with the use of a higher quality of materials, constitute the main objectives, in order to offer to the esteemed customers always a unique products.
The design, the choice of details, decorations and a varied range of colors, are entrusted to skilled experts, who passionately study the most interesting solutions for modeling..
All work is done entirely by hand, so each product is absolutely unique.
For this reason the size of the objects may vary a few millimeters from the catalogue, sure that this adds value and guarantees its authenticity.
Each piece of production CANGINI E TUCCI is unique, authentic and Made in Italy.