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Ferroluce company, specialized in the production of lamps, was born in 1982 as a result of the determination of Valter and Miriam,

who wanted to preserve and transmit the italian craftsmanship excellency. The production is performed exclusively in italy and each

item is a union of the harmony of shapes and the constant research of new chromatic alchemies; each item is distinguished from the

monotony of products made in series with its own unique personality. This is why Ferroluce caters to the most demanding clients who

are not only looking for the right solution regarding classical furnishing, but above all want to find a company which is competent and

able to personalize every item in its form, size, decorations, and colors. Today ferroluce, thanks to the support of the sons, is a modern reality,

young and dynamic, who inspired by its experience, wishes to become better known on the international market.



23 June 2020


Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia-Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine