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Created in 1997, the company takes its name from its founder and current owner, who runs it together with her husband, Michel Orban. The company’s history is closely linked to the life of Hind Rabii, who breathes her creativity and inspiration into each project.
Born in 1973 in Morocco, she lived there until she came to Belgium, where she studied industrial engineering.
As well as her technical skills acquired during her engineering studies, Hind Rabii has always cultivated a great passion for fashion and art, and expertly knows how to track down the most elegant fabrics and patterns. This is why she started to work in the field of architecture and design, and then quickly started to concentrate on lighting, which she designs and produces as items that are fully decorative, but which have all the required technical qualities.



We expect lights to shed light, to shine, to create shadows. To do this, the poetry of materials, glass, wood, gold and silver leaf, colours used by HIND RABII, positively alter the realities for playing the emotions card without indifference.

These are now essential to developing men and women. Today and tomorrow more than in the past. Using the most sophisticated technologies in terms of energy and their usage is an economic and social priority. All the choices made by HIND RABII have this in mind, and often give rise to amazement and surprise.
And it does little to limit these aspects of HIND RABII creations to these pragmatic parameters.

Because here is the poetic message of filters, colours, blended reflections, transparency that appears to make every HIND RABII model appeal to the desire of love and of light.
And today we still have, a need for these words cast on a page of white vellum.


So over the years, she has created a company providing top-grade collections, with pure, clear lines, which express her desire to introduce elements that are original details distinguishing each model, and which make its style unique.

The main characteristic is the variety of the materials and the elegance of the details. Worked using manual tools, the metal parts have a perfect finish, whether in gold, chrome or copper.
Glass, which is a very important material in the collection, comes from Murano, where glass has been blown for generations.
Ceramic is Hind Rabii’s latest passion, and this is sourced from the Venice region.

Using a strategy of managed distribution and sales, the company has been able to make a name for itself, and its collections are displayed in the best lighting and interior design showrooms in the world.




4 May 2021


Belarus, Estonia, Latvia-Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine