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Going against the flow new ideas are turned on.

The simplicity of a line that combines minimal shapes and resolution of electrical design problems: this is Electrosophy, the concept

that gives rise to the Letroh company and that from Milan soon translates into a subtle global electrical revolution with the realization of projects prestigious.

Do not follow the flow, bring it where you want.

Everything starts with the NODO system, an innovative track that allows you to position and move sockets, lighting fixtures and

accessories with a simple gesture and without tools. The architectural project is free from the rigidity of the electrical system,

leaving room for decisions, choices and any changes. The flexibility of the system translates into economic advantages due to the

limitation of masonry works and the reduction of the design limits offered by the freedom to move, add and remove elements as needed.


22 March 2022


Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Kazakistan, Latvia-Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine