Giunico / SILLUX

Sillux is characterized by the particular sensitivity for the interpretation of the new “good living” forms: the modern collections express restrained elegance, balance, attractive appearance without any renunciation of the highest functionality and the quality of the components. Simple lines and highly expressive tone and give dignity to the lighting, which don’t introduce extreme experiments but offer at the client a wide and reasoned aesthetic solutions. The lamps Sillux are controlled in every phase of the process: the components are made in our factory and quality standards are verified and monitored with assiduous attention.

Sillux was established 30 years ago by Giuseppe Saccon, the passionate creator of stylish, successful items he personally makes by hand. and his hands eloquently denote a strong work ethic, familiarity with materials and creativity. In his workshop he and his highly qualified collaborators express the ritual of production with great force and poetic vision.
Sillux is a dynamic company attentive to the latest needs of demanding customers, product quality and innovative technologies. it always meets the growing challenges of highly complex design projects with increasingly daring proposals in terms of innovation in style.
Cooperation with renowned designers and architects means that both individual items and big contract installations result in superbly creative proposals that are guaranteed to satisfy even those who are very difficult to please.

All Sillux products are made exclusively by Italian craftsmen.